Woodchink - 310ml dark brown 151

    Woodchink - 310ml dark brown 151
    Sealants Packaging 310 ml cartrige. The material was developed specifically for sealing joints cabins and log homes, but can be used anywhere where there is need for a high elasticity of the sealant. Sealant after drying due to its composition still elastic, adjusts the movement of logs or timber, and works together with the movement of the wood. This feature ensures long durability of sealants in joints without the need for additional maintenance. For proper function of the sealant is also important to use a sealing cord. Read the data sheet or look at video instructions for sealing cabins and log homes on www.youtube.com and type "Woodchink" For 600 ml pack is needed extrusion gun for 600 ml tube (sausages). For 310ml pack in cartrige you can buy a gun as is usually used for silicone.
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